SINCE 1996


Since 1996, Advanced Handling Systems has been at the forefront of the pallet industry.

We pride ourselves in our advanced and automated manufacturing process, using the proven Pallet Design System™ software. Our computer models were developed at Virginia Institute of Technology. We analyze your specifications and design your pallets to meet your technical requirements. Remember, an under-built pallet is ineffective and potentially dangerous. An over-built pallet is not economical. We design pallets that offer maximum safety and performance for the best cost. We recycle because we care about the environment. Because of our 30+ years of experience in the material handling business, we can offer nationwide service to our customers using our partnership relation with numerous other plants located around the U.S. These relationships help our customers get consistent service, quality control and pricing through out the country.


Please complete the form below or call (706) 881-1914 to speak with an AHS representative about your pallet needs.